Congratulations to that's all brand Chongqing Yongchuan hundred stores grand opening

Warmly congratulate our "that's all" brand Chongqing Yongchuanbai 100 store on September 28, 2014 grand opening of the new store, hereby offer my heartfelt wishes, I wish "that's all" brand Chongqing Yongchuanbai 100 store opened, business is booming! One or three costumes He THAT'SALL brand by the Italian cutting-edge designer Melinas founded, the main creative and design work is located in the fashion capital of Milan, Italy, the completion of the design studio. "Handsome elegant, simple three-dimensional, smooth atmosphere" is THAT'SALL brand has always uphold the style and concept. THAT'SALL woman is neither too tough man or woman, nor is that kind of too vulgar little woman, they are tall, pure temperament, with a little casual sexual sexy, even moderate motherhood, this is a woman Background color They are not necessarily tall and tall, but they are slim, smooth lines, and have never stopped from head to toe. They are called handsome women.

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