Through the bit teenager feel four seasons different fashion style

Off-season youth wear is a close friend of young friends, each season for the love of fashion, the pursuit of individuality urban young people to provide environmentally friendly, comfortable, personalized high-quality clothing, selection of popular fabrics, teenagers dress features and fashionable elements, Each season's clothes have a different kind of fashion style. Offside juvenile equipment to red, white and blue-based colors, supplemented by a variety of seasonal fashion colors, interpretation of a colorful trend of vision. Offside youth loaded away is the public parity line, the brand style is simple and generous yet stylish personality, sports, fashion, casual three styles are included, fashion and sports, sports and leisure. Offside juvenile equipment has a team of more than a dozen designers, they are 80 as the main body, led by the design director with 20 years of clothing experience is a solid basic work, thinking open, full of vitality, full of creativity team. Offside juvenile equipment will be introduced each season more than 200 boutique style, the style of listing each year exceeded 1000, become a distinctive style of professional juvenile wear brand.

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