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Unlimited business opportunities: huge demand of 400 million children With the improvement of people's quality of life, more and more parents are beginning to focus on shaping their children's external image and purchasing children's clothing has also become a great pleasure for parents. The increase in family income directly led to parents and children on the concept of change in children's clothing - from the quantity to the pursuit of quality, to meet the needs of basic functions to the pursuit of fashion and brand. In particular, the arrival of a new wave of baby boomers and the demand for children's more clothes in the first quarter have led to a continuous increase in the total consumption of children's clothing, making children's wear one of the most growth markets in China. According to the data, there are about 400 million children and adolescents aged 0-16 in China at present, up 60% from 250 million in 2005. The consumption of children's clothing in China increased from 52.4 billion yuan to 85.8 billion yuan in 2003-2008, with an average annual compound growth rate of 10.37%. It is estimated that the consumption of children's clothing will reach 138.3 billion yuan in 2013 and will continue in the next 10 years Climb, usher in an unprecedented peak period. The future of the golden decade, the domestic consumption of children's clothing will be about 16.7% annual rate of increase, at the same time will have the most powerful economic strength consumer groups. Huge potential for children's clothing down jacket market In the early 1980s, China's down jacket market in Shanghai began to sprout development, popular with young and old consumers preferred down jacket, with practical advantages of warmth, showing great market potential. After continuous technological innovation and process improvement, now more lightweight down jacket fashion, beautiful and colorful, it is a highlight of the market. Down jacket is not only in short supply in the northern market, the South also began to receive acceptance of the market, sales continue to rise, the market influence continues to expand. Such as Bosideng and related brands in the industrial chain, the supply chain is linked to the livelihood of more than 600,000 people employment, showing the development of down jacket market has important social benefits. Down in the adult market steady and healthy development of the same time, the next 10 years, children's apparel brand down jacket will usher in the golden period of development. It is not difficult to find that children's clothing brand down jacket market holds a huge potential for development. The current lack of strength children's clothing down jacket market brands Currently, domestic children's wear down the market mixed, quite a mixed bag, only 30% have a brand, which specializes in children's wear down jacket brand, very few. Even more regrettable is that these children's clothing brand down jackets for adults packed smaller version of the design is not user-friendly, did not take into account the characteristics of children's body growth. In addition, there are still some problems in the brand-name down jackets currently sold in the market, such as the uneven quality of the products. In this regard, experts advise, if prolonged wearing inferior products, may cause skin allergies, serious and may cause respiratory diseases. It can be said, inferior products on the human body no less harm than black heart cotton. The market needs a guaranteed brand down jacket. "Ding Dong Cat" fully enter the children's clothing down jacket market Against this background, with 20 years of experience in the production of professional children's clothing "Ding Dong Cat" based on customer feedback and market demand, after market research, to expand the original down jacket product line, fully into children's wear down jacket market. A single season has been the weakness of the down jacket products, which caused a large part of the reason is: the hot summer, down store what can sell what? Price war, gifts have become down jackets helpless move, almost all of the feather stores in the spring can only rely on minimal profits quarter sales promotions to subsidize the various aspects of storefront; or sell other non-brand-name products; or Simply during this time to rent the shop to others ... ... This will inevitably bring about adverse effects on brand image and sales, the current down jacket market is not optimistic about the place. "Doraemon Cat" will be unique marketing model to create a new sales channels for children's clothing down jacket to solve the feather store "what to sell in the summer," the problem to help investors achieve low investment, low risk and high return on investment goals, while achieving the brand standardization. "Ding Dong cat" down jacket three best-selling guarantee 1. "Bosideng" professional down technology + "Jingle cat" mature sales network system, so that franchisees easy to operate, no worries; 2. Innovative unique marketing model, so you summer Sold in stock, selling four seasons is no longer a myth; 3. Fashionable, diversified design, beyond the traditional down jacket, so that children in this winter warm and colorful;

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