"Gold Hawk" Men's unique style of product positioning accurate market

Founded in 1995, Jinjiang Jinhaote Garment Weaving Co., Ltd. is located in Longhu, a famous hometown of overseas Chinese in Fujian Province, China. It is a birthplace of waterfront costumes with developed economy, convenient traffic and beautiful scenery. It is also the famous patriotic general of Qing Dynasty in China - - General Shi Lang's hometown. The company is Italy Jin Hao Que (International) apparel group only designated in mainland China R & D, production and sale of brand furniture Jin Hao Te professional enterprises. Its products are jackets, suits, trousers, casual pants, sweaters, T-shirts, shirts, cotton jacket and so on. More than 1,000 employees, of whom, middle and upper management has reached more than 80 people, with total assets exceeding 100 million yuan. Ten years of temper, today Philco battlefield hard, merging a wealth of capital and experience in 2004, Jin Hao spar full start CIS customer satisfaction construction, and the famous Hong Kong star Mr. Huang Rihua held a signing ceremony, Haohu men's brand ambassador. Under vigorous efforts to carry out the reform of the management system, from the traditional wholesale to brand monopoly marketing model. Today's "Golden House Finch" increases the pace of transformation of the management system, reorganizes the organizational structure of the company, perfects the functions of various departments and builds the functions of various departments, including manufacturing centers, product research and development centers, marketing management centers and enterprises Planning Center, employing professionals to manage, division of labor details, the authority in place. Diversified and efficient operation of the team, directly and effectively grasp the market information trends, rapid data analysis, decisive, in place of the results of the demonstration, so as to occupy the country's apparel market in the shortest possible time, and strive to national apparel industry, "two Business start-ups "to seize the" wave of recreation "sweeping the globe, attach importance to the brand building and marketing network transformation, change the past family-owned business management mode, and continue to inherit the spirit of hard work and enterprising, the pursuit of excellence, create a learning team and achieve business Sustainable development. To "three full", customer satisfaction with the brand, satisfied with the quality of service satisfaction! Get "three wins" - terminal manufacturers, distributors, companies. "The old Wang Xie Tang Qian Yan, fly into the homes of ordinary people," This time, "Jin Hao Que" men with its unique product style, accurate market positioning, the source of corporate culture, in the minds of consumers to establish a good brand reputation , Marketing outlets will be throughout every corner of the country.

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