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Ai Jia International Italian Clothing Co., Ltd was established in 2005, the brand registration - Italy, brand operations management center located in Hangzhou, known as paradise on earth. Since its inception, the company now has 10 national agency branches, more than 200 terminal brand image, benefit shop, and the production and processing capacity of 1 million.


At the same time, the company has been adhering to the people-oriented management philosophy, adhere to the market-oriented, design as the core, marketing as a leader, backed by the production of four-dimensional integrated modern strategic business model is full description of the enterprise group, diversification, international The magnificent blueprint.

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1, brand style: intellectual, woman, fashion

2, the brand market: shopping malls and stores as the main channel of the prefectural and county level two or three markets

3, brand age: Physiological age: 25 - 38 years of age; psychological age: 20-33 years of age

4, brand consumer groups: urban workers, administrative and national staff, teachers, individual or private owners

5, brand categories: international second-class fashion women's brand

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