Online shop and customer communication

[China Glass Network] Open the online shop, you can not face the face of communication, because this, communication taboo must be kept in mind.

Relying on the front, the foundation is not true

Symptoms: When the customer comes, he is very excited, and he speaks in a few words. He does not understand the performance and function of the baby's products, and does not investigate the related data such as peer prices. Temporary hugs, now check the answer.

Prescription: If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. This device is not only related to the product: origin, performance, utility, cost performance, etc., and the comparison with similar products, the situation of competitors.

Second bogey, excessive enthusiasm

Symptoms: Customers come to the door, enthusiasm is like a fire, ask a question and answer ten, I can't wait to introduce all the treasures of the store, the keyboard knocks fast, and I look back, but I don't know the customer.

Prescription: Novice service is in place. Everyone thinks so, but the service is very taboo. Excessive enthusiasm will bring buying pressure to customers, not give them the opportunity to consider, and even make customers doubt your motivation. Real enthusiasm is not too much, but respect each other, from the perspective of the other side for the customer to consider!

Third bogey, commitment

Symptom: In order to make a business, all the requirements of the customer are promised, and when the promise is truly fulfilled, it is found that their ability is not up to, or even if they fulfill the promise, they will be hurt.

Prescription: Light promises to be wise, use your head to manage your mouth, and say it.

Fourth bogey, loss of money

Symptoms: Be bullied by the buyer, to give praise as a bait, buy at a low price, for a favorable price, unprincipled price. When the stars arrived, the pockets were empty, and Taobao opened the store to play "World of Warcraft."

Prescription: The only profit is the map. It is the ultimate goal of opening a store. We must respect our labor, time, and investment. If we always lose money and buy credit, it is better to go to the stall. Although there are no stars and no diamonds, after all, the money earned can still be bought. Dish, buy steamed buns.

The fifth bogey, lips and tongue sword fight <br> <br> symptoms: Introduction to the language and to customers, then let inches, the transaction into a debate, let the customer later speechless, he won the tongue, but the more I finally lost my business.

Prescription: Our aim is to sell the baby, not to be quick, to agree with all the opinions of the customer, learn to say: Yes, yes, yes, you are right, you must learn to say: Your It means + your own point of view. If you want to say something, you will express it from the customer's mouth, and the customer will have the feeling of victory, and the money in his pocket will flow into our Alipay.

The sixth bogey, letting go

Symptom: Treat the finished goods as the end of a transaction, do not do any tracking, do not ask the customer after receiving the feeling, sit and wait for "confirmation" and praise.

Prescription: If you want the customer's "confirmation" to be more enjoyable and the praise is more exciting, then consider the delivery as the beginning of the transaction. Any customer is willing to cooperate with a responsible seller for a long time, and is willing to introduce his friend. Give one to let him have a face.

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