Zhejiang Yifu Textile Co., Ltd. topped the 16th among China's children's wear enterprises

The branded children's wear of Zhejiang Aifu Textile Co., Ltd. ranked the 16th among China's children's wear enterprises. This is the latest ranking list of the 2010 children's wear industry enterprises published by the Chinese Clothing Association on October 20.
This ranking is based on the top 100 activities of China's apparel industry in 2010. According to the principle of “member participation and voluntary declaration”, the China Garment Association will integrate the opinions of experts from various professional committees and industry associations of various provinces and cities, and conduct the The authoritative and professional rankings objectively reflect the continuous development and changes in the strength of children's wear manufacturing enterprises in recent years.
Zhejiang Aifu Textile Co., Ltd. is a Swedish-owned enterprise established in 2003. It has strong design, research and development and production and marketing capabilities. Professional children's games and accessories products developed and produced in foreign markets enjoy a high reputation and competitiveness in foreign markets, and were evaluated in 2010. For the United States Walt Disney's top ten outstanding suppliers. In view of the serious homogeneity of the children's wear industry in the domestic market, the company established Yi Jialin's “Children's Lifestyle Game Apparel” brand in 2005, which is the first in China; the establishment of a Shanghai professional brand operation management company is responsible for the IKALI brand market. Promotion, operation and sales. Yijialin children's life game clothing introduces COSPLAY costume culture in Northern Europe and other regions, draws on Chinese traditional history and culture, integrates popular elements such as animation, games, cartoons, and fairy tales. The style is elegant, modern, lively, vibrant style, and raw materials are safe and environmentally friendly. Dressed in simple and comfortable, it has been loved by children and parents since its publication. As a rising star of China's children's wear enterprises, these advances can be achieved in just a few years. They are the result of their persistence in creativity, innovation, creativity, adherence to brand building, and adherence to the correct concept of children's culture and life.
Faced with the results, the company stated that the creation of Yijialin's children's life game apparel condenses our rigorous exploration and deep thinking on the domestic children's wear market and children's dress culture. The idea of ​​the Yijialin brand is to make children happy and happy. In childhood, all children grow up in a healthy and healthy way. The creation and development of the Yijialin brand is the process of sustained and rapid development of the company. The biggest characteristic of the Yijialin brand is its own personalization and differentiation. Personality is the core of brand competition, an important value foundation for creating brand loyalty, and a unique consumption reason for the market. As long as we have children in our hearts, our children's lives will be more and more popular with children's games. Our enterprises will also be able to develop faster and faster.

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