Cotton prices fell by 40% in fall/winter outfits

Recently, the temperature has risen again. Taking advantage of the warm weather, the purchase of winter clothing has become one of the topics of busy people at this time. However, when the reporter visited the winter market this year, the reporter discovered that although cotton prices have continued to plummet this year, cotton is the main raw material. However, the fabric still continues its upward trend last year. Then, in the face of the current situation of raw material price reduction, what are the reasons for the increase in apparel prices? When will the price of thousands of dollars worth of clothes be returned to the "people-friendly" role?

The price of cotton has fallen by 40% in recent months. According to the “Daily Economic News” report, the domestic cotton market and cash market are in a downturn. According to its information released yesterday, Zhengmian ** comprehensively lower, compared with the previous trading day, the main contract 1205 down 250 yuan / ton to close at 20255 yuan / ton, down 1.22%.

During the same period, the information released by the Cotton Association of Texas in Shandong revealed that the price of cotton in some places of production in the city fell below 4 yuan/kg. According to data from the Texas Cotton Association, on Friday (October 28), the purchase price of seed cotton in Texas was 4 yuan/kg, compared with 4.1-4.2 yuan/kg in the previous week. In the same period of last year, the purchase price of seed cotton in Texas was 6.2 yuan/kg.

“This year's cotton (price) lowest point appeared in August, compared with the highest point of more than 31,000 yuan/ton in March, a drop of more than 60%. Even if it is supported by the 19800 yuan/ton closing reserve price, the current cotton price and March Compared with the high point of the time, the drop is about 40%.” Sun Liwu, an analyst at Zhuo Chuang, said.

The fall and fall of this year's fall and winter outfit did not change yesterday. When the reporter visited the major shopping malls, it found that the coat of RMB 300 had become rare. In some brand stores, the price of a jacket is generally more than 1,000 yuan.

Of course, this situation does not only occur in shopping malls and specialty stores. In the tide of price increases, the increase in clothing prices in small stores and online stores is also very large. In an integrated shopping arcade near Changchun Freeway, merchants told reporters that this year’s clothing price increase is the largest. "A piece of autumn clothing last year was generally sold for around 150 yuan. This year, the general price has exceeded 200 yuan."

Ms. Wang, who is often online shopper, told reporters that she plans to change her family’s outfits recently and found that online shopping prices for autumn products have also generally risen this year. “The Qiuyi suit with the same brand of the same suit last year was worth 70 yuan and this year it rose to 85 yuan. The price of small cotton clothing has also risen from the original 120 yuan to 155 yuan today."

In the coming spring or the current price reduction, Xue Chunping, manager of the import and export department of Wenzhou Haoyuan Weaving Co., Ltd., said in an interview with this reporter that because of the link between raw materials and finished products, the recent plunge in cotton prices cannot be directly reflected in garments. Cotton fabrics on retail terminals. At present, many cotton spinning companies use last year's cotton stocks. Last year, domestic cotton prices soared due to various factors including domestic and international economic conditions, cotton supply and demand, and funds speculation.

At the same time, she explained that the southern part of the textile companies' concentration was affected by the rise in the price of cotton in the last year. In particular, some small garment factories could not afford the cost pressure and chose to shut down and stop production. “Because of the price increase in the previous period, there are more substitute materials in cotton textiles, and the proportion of cotton in fabrics is not absolute, and sometimes it is not as significant as labor costs, freight, and shopping mall entrance fees. In the short term, cotton prices will not affect the price of cotton fabrics."

Xue Chunping said that at present, the price of cotton is unlikely to be adjusted. Therefore, under the condition of a stable raw material market, most of the company’s inventory products will be digested during the autumn and winter sales of the current round, and then the price will be lower than the price of the product. Low cotton or cotton yarn. Therefore, the impact of the drop in cotton prices this year should be visible in the spring of next year, and to some extent reflect the price of retail terminals.


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