BAGE (starling) "focus on the terminal win-win future" 2012Q3 new conference ended

February 14 Valentine's Day, Quanzhou Chongwu Xisha Hotel in bustling, by the "board shoes family" starling (China) Co., Ltd. hosted the "win-win future," the Q3 new conference was grandly held, BAGE (starling) senior leadership Get together with partners from all over the country to share business opportunities. The picture shows the starling "focus on the terminal win-win future" marketing summit site This event to "focus on terminal win-win future" as its theme, its focus on the terminal concept has become the BAGE (starling) operating guidelines, but also became BAGE ) Of the core competitiveness. Only the intensive terminal on the development of the first place, to ensure that products in the fierce competition in the market remain invincible, so as to meet the consumer demand for a wide range of fashion products. At the meeting, Ding Junxian, CEO of BAGE, pointed out: "The most profitable tool in the 21st century is speed, and only efficient operation can be invincible in the market competition." Today's intense market competition has become the focus of the enterprise The basic strength of sustainable development. It is understood that in recent years, BAGE (starling) on ​​the terminal intensive attention has already exceeded the terminal expansion, in the process of this change, the speed has become the starling development theme and advantages. The photo shows Starling (China) Co., Ltd., Mr. Ding Junxian, chairman of the speech "to become the best casual fashion brand," is a strategic and strategic positioning, but also an enterprise of the pursuit of excellence brand an interpretation! As a shoe family BAGE (starling) , Know a brand in order to win, it must be different from other brand advantages, with unique superiority to complete the brand's unique market competitiveness. At the meeting, Starling (China) Co., Ltd. released the 2012 annual operation plan, concise summary of the core idea and importance of focusing on the terminal, while emphasizing the "focus on doing the best" as the star's core values, and put forward In order to concentrate on the terminal for the development of the main line of operation, and strive to achieve a breakthrough in the new era of development. Focus on the terminal product design, production, sales of the main line. BAGE (starling) through the active exploration of the law of the development of the industry, advancing with the development of development vision analysis of the market, understand the characteristics of the brand for the consumer groups, so there will be more exciting this session of the people a new generation of shoes . Believe, this is not only a leap in BAGE (starling) development, but also a sudden attack on the market, brought a fresh fashion experience for the market. Only the characteristics of the product to do more clearly specific, closer to consumers, to ensure that BAGE (starling) brand unique in their peers. It can be said that only focus on the terminal in order to win the future! Here Xiaobian wholeheartedly wish BAGE (starling) become stronger and stronger, eventually becoming the preferred brand of tide of people in China and the world.

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