2012 autumn and winter women's popular style trend of pearl palace style

Leading word: Gorgeous jewellery is intoxicating, and this year's New York Fashion Week is also full of lure. Oscardela Renta, Naeem Khan and others have all put olive branches into gorgeous jewelry elements. They are full of rich palace styles, reflecting the elegant texture...


Oscar de la Renta2012 Autumn Winter Fashion Show

Gorgeous jewellery makes people indulge, and this year's New York Fashion Week is also full of pearl temptation. Oscar de la Renta, Naeem Khan and others have all turned olive branches into gorgeous jewellery elements. They are filled with rich court styles and reflect elegant textures...

An outstanding representative in this regard is Oscar de la Renta. Although it is not a true "beauty," Oscar de la Renta2012's exquisite jewellery style printed on the fabric is fascinating.


Libertine2012 autumn and winter fashion show

If Oscar de la Renta is a neat and elegant jewellery print, then Libertine is a jewellery collection. The criss-crossing sparkling jewels shine on the fabrics, sparkling and eye-catching. Even more interesting is that Libertine, who has joined the glittering elements of jewelry, has a playful hippie style at the same time, bold and casual, and a kind of uninhibited wandering style.


Libertine2012 autumn and winter fashion show


Libertine2012 autumn and winter fashion show


Naeem Khan Fall Winter Fashion Show 2012

Naeem Khan's autumn/winter fashion in 2012 brought us glamorous jewellery. The silver and dumb gold jewellery designs with embroidery are full of ethnic characteristics. The patchwork arrangement of beads reflects the tribal style.

The latest 2012 Autumn Winter Fashion Week special report:


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