Li Xiao Ran Liu Ye attend the licensing men's conference "love in the red fashion popular"

Love in the red fashion popular February 11, 2012, the brand men's "love in the red when the popular" was held in Beijing, with a "shoulders with the world men's" brand image, the Chinese fashion power to international fashion Stage of the brand-name men's wear in the special occasion of Valentine's Day is full of romance and artistic style feast. Mr. Hong Zhaojian, boarding director of Menger brand, Mr. Liu Ye Jinma Yingdian, and Ms. Li Xiaoran, a popular actress who won praises in the field of fashion frequently, attended the day's reception as a screen couple's profile. Meanwhile, figure skating champion Pang Qing and Tong Jian Busy attended the event, and all the guests at the scene in advance to celebrate Valentine's Day, the appearance of sports couple added a strong love for this event, we all enjoy the visual feast brought by the brand-name men and In showing the thick red romantic melody, Valentine's Day in advance to share the sweetness and joy. At the cocktail reception, the brand-name menswear, as the organizer, prepared an unexpected gift for the guests present. With the Chinese-style collar as a template, the illustrator was invited to make portrait sketches on the spot and give them as precious gifts to the guests present. For the upcoming Valentine's Day, the whole event chose a romantic red theme. The event featured a red-and-love-related detail and highlights, bringing with it a visual and sensory impact. Different from the previous fashion show, the brand men's clothing is the theme of "Valentine's Day", especially the theme of romantic love, to interpret lovers from the initial encounter, love to enter the wedding hall, life three An important stage to show this brand a full range of multi-style boutique clothing. Obviously, the day's activities are haunting the red romantic atmosphere, whether it is well-designed flowers, special cocktails or the entire site layout, everywhere guests everywhere to experience a strong love and surprise, conference and dance in the clothing A perfect interpretation of the visual experience brought to the guests a new look: the ballet dancer shoulder ballet show, at the opening will bring everyone into a fantastic situation, naturally cleverly opened T stage model mystery, male model Dressed in jeans, POLO shirt, plaid shirt and hand in hand on the stage with the female model, this series mainly to the element of youthful moisture, highlighting handsome boys in love and handsome. When the "melody of love" sounded, the modern dancers showed the sweetness and love of love. The guests present were all immersed in the romance and sweetness of love. The casual trousers and cardigan sweaters with casual trousers appeared on stage T The male model and the female models wearing fashion gown to let everyone shines, the brand men's mature men will be refined, confident and trendy features vividly demonstrated. The most notable was undoubtedly show in the wedding march Lang brand Chinese and Western dress series, a set of specially made stand-collar dress series with female models bridal gorgeous evening dress appearances will be the scene of the conference to the extreme rendering of the best. What is more worth mentioning is that both Mr. Li Anzhuo, a Brazilian supermodel active in the Taiwan entertainment industry, and Mr. Zhang Liang, a famous male model in the international fashion arena, all have their own interpretation of the meaning of "love" at different stages. - at any stage of love, make men more confident at any moment. The whole event, the curtain call when the chairman of the board Hongzhao Mr. hand in hand with Liu Ye, Li Xiaoran's partner, the world champion skating Pundalong, Tong Jian together to show a different concept of dress with, and expressed the love of the national brand With support. Founded in 1979, Qiaopai Group founded the first township garment factory in 1984. Since 1998, it has invested heavily in introducing world-class advanced technology and equipment to perform the brand image of "Men in the World", from then on On the "brand of the road." The most significant historic significance of the brand in 2003, "Chinese stand-collar" predecessor, "Chinese stand-collar" came out, reflecting the brand "Fashion China" core values, and inject new life momentum. From the "Chinese stand-collar" to "stand-collar" this beautiful turn, but also enriched the brand of cultural connotation, so that this brand has a real sense of rejuvenation, but also makes the brand to rely on China stand on the road to brand development . The next few years, the brand has cooperation with the authority of the sports media, and shine in the China Fashion Week, and become the Asian Fashion Conference and set off the World Championships only designated gymnastics ritual clothing, to promote the brand men to "shoulder to shoulder "Men's brand goal. Today, Qionglai has been ranked as one of China's Top 500 Brand Names by the World Economic Forum and World Brand Labs. In 2012, the "China National Collar" flagship high-end market will also appear in first-tier cities such as Shanghai and Beijing. The strategic cooperation with the National Symphony Orchestra of China is also a solid step toward the success of the brand.

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