IKKS children's brand baby series to create baby's colorful dream season

In the ever-changing trend of today, the first 80 for the parents how to dress up their baby's childhood? Is it easy to put them on a coat with an avatar cartoon characters, or according to the fairy tale description, put them dressed as a princess or prince? These children's clothing with the "thinking style" inevitably makes some fatigue, there is no new idea to escape the traditional choice? The famous children's wear brand IKKS from France subverts the public's traditional aesthetic concept, avant-garde, easy, self, the pursuit of an independent image, to create the most stylish baby city streets. This season IKKS children's clothing brand also introduced the baby series. Baby girl series main colors are gray, pink and white, and flowers with patterns, indigo dots, delicate hook flower to create a beautiful baby girl's image. The Baby Boy Collection is a mix of sailing and urban styles, baggy pants, tailor-made jackets, jumpsuits and a wide selection of T-shirts with original logos, all of which make it an excellent choice for handsome boys.

High temperature resistant gloves are special high temperature resistant gloves used under high temperature environment. Different temperature resistant gloves, high temperature mixed chemical fiber finger glove palm and index finger wearable cortex design can be selected according to the temperature of hand contact.
High-temperature gloves are used in many industrial processes. The most common one is the protection of the operator's hand under high-temperature environment. The high-temperature gloves are divided into three types: 1, high ambient temperature 2, high temperature radiation 3, high temperature.
1, the high temperature environment: This is the equivalent of the temperature in the weather forecasting, in life and industrial operations is difficult to use protective equipment to protect, (personally, you can use the cooling vest, etc. to cool the body, the rest of this we discuss Air conditioners are generally used to cool down. Basically not involved in hand protection.
2, high temperature radiation: This is equivalent to the temperature under the summer heat, because the sun or flames and other thermal radiation caused by high temperature, in which case now widely used protection method is reflective heat, such as the use of aluminum foil material to reflect the vast Part of the radiation heat.
3, contact with high temperature: This is what we generally mentioned the high temperature, a lot of industrial areas, casting components, metal parts and other objects temperature. The industrial operation requires personnel to move or contact with the high temperature, this time you need to protect the contact with high temperature.
Many buy insulation High Temperature Gloves (protective contact temperature) in the errors:
Is it just a matter of providing contact with the temperature of the object can be equipped with suitable gloves? Why choose when to choose high-temperature gloves contact time? How long can the gloves contact with high temperature?
Two factors that must be considered when choosing a high temperature resistant glove are: contact temperature + single contact time. These two factors are indispensable. The temperature of the object to be exposed is that the material of the glove in contact with the hot object should not be physically or chemically reflected due to high temperatures such as burning or carbon after reaching the ignition point or oxidation after high temperature. Single exposure time is the time to consider when the temperature reaches the inner layer of the glove from the outer surface of the glove and exceeds the temperature at which the human hand can endure. If your single touch is less than this time, then it is within safe time.
Therefore, in the choice of suitable high-temperature gloves, two points that must be prioritized are: 1. Whether the actual temperature of the object exceeds the temperature of the glove we announce, and the single contact time does not exceed the thermal conduction time of the glove under the actual object temperature.
In the above two necessary conditions, we also need to consider the relevant factors:
The weight of moving objects, the heavier the general weight, due to the strength of the extrusion glove, the shorter the thermal conductivity of the glove, the shorter the time a single contact with hot objects. The frequency of contact with the object, the shorter the idle time between single exposure, thermal conduction time will be shorter and shorter, if the frequency is too high, it is recommended longer cooling time, or to replace the use of gloves. Gloves hand and thickness, high temperature gloves are relatively thick, because under the same circumstances, the thicker gloves, the longer the heat transfer, allowing longer contact time, but the heavier the glove, so we recommend high temperature resistant gloves in the choice of Meet the protection requirements of the case, the more smart the better. Gloves, mechanical properties, high temperature gloves are mostly in contact with the metal casting-based, need better mechanical properties, generally including wear resistance, anti-cutting effect, anti-cracking performance. These properties are also directly related to the service life of insulated gloves and direct economic benefits. Other properties of gloves, such as the use of special environments, such as many electronics industry, you need to use high-temperature gloves in the dust-free workshop, then require high temperature gloves lint, anti-static. For example, in contact with high temperature liquid objects, the outer surface of the insulating gloves are required to be waterproof or even acid and alkali.
How long is the contact time of high temperature gloves?
The contact time of high-temperature resistant gloves starts from the contact with high temperature until it is unbearably hot, not to the point where the human hand feels a bit hot.

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