"Ugly duckling," gorgeous turned Hanlirun underwear lingering boom

With the underwear industry in recent years the market has grown, many entrepreneurs choose to open a lingerie to join the shop. The underwear products and underwear brands in the market attention directly affected the sales. Chen was originally a body fat girl, due to the cold around her people treated, resulting in her determination to make a drastic change in his posture. After more than a year of hard work, Chen got rid of the original body, in the eyes of everyone, she has become the focus of attention. Chen said she used to not have much demand for her posture, but because of the reality blow, she started to have different ideas about her body and career planning.


In the request of underwear, she mentioned healthy, comfortable and fashionable underwear is the first concept of women in the choice of underwear, the face of a large number of underwear brands, choose a suitable for themselves will experience some unpleasant. In a conversation with friends, she learned some of the new features of the Han Lier underwear, after the trial, Chan that Han Lyle underwear not only allows women to rebirth, leaving women find more confidence. In order to make friends around have healthy, Chen decided to open a Korean underwear store, so that female friends in life less concern, more health and confidence, leaving women the perfect figure to show the most vividly, now Chen Franchise stores have been popular in the local market in the underwear occupy a place. Han Lier underwear has become a major underwear brand strong competitors. (Han Lyle underwear join free hotline:; official website: http://)

Life attitude comes from consciousness, life is ultimately the pursuit of a healthy and happy life, when there is a certain substance, began to imagine their own health, fighting for life, and finally cross the body, and then use life savings to complete His "the rest of the world". Chen said Han Lyle underwear seamless fit package edge technology, steel ring built-in technology, effectively reducing the steel ring on the breast pressure, improved breast space and surface stress environment, to maintain a smooth supply of blood under the breast, Promote metabolism, lymph normal reflux, the physical prevention of breast cancer, many consumers buy Hanlor underwear fancy its effectiveness, and the price is acceptable range, so the choice of people more More and more.

“丑小鸭”的华丽变身 韩丽尔再掀内衣狂潮

Some people say that life is a process of continuous demand and continuous process of creation, not a process of simple enjoyment. Some people say that life is like harvest and loss in a fruit bowl. Some people say that life is sometimes made up of countless worries. The life gives people the taste of mixed flavors, when the gorgeous from the ugly duckling turned, the taste of the essence of life, in the world of Han Lier spread at the same time, let all women have found their own charm, and now Han Lyle has set off the buying frenzy underwear market.

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