Immortal myth Islay Ella underpants

The Iraqi Ella summer new product closely linked to the fashion theme, thin breathable natural fabric back into the new darling, to return to comfortable, natural qualities, once again interpreted Elsie underwear health products. In the use of color, the bright yellow and charming pale pink purple, will be contested this summer; matched with gems, flash diamonds, lace and other decorations, continuation of the line of deep V low profile, more perfect cleavage, Make underwear wear concept has been further play.

盈美蒂 - Winbeauty


The listing of products, is divided into five major themes, from the cute and lovely "kiss garden" to "simple style"; from delicate sentimental "mood Story" to fashion "romantic genie" and then back to "fashion style "The interpretation of the portrait, all show Yi Si Aila underwear sexy new ideas. By then, will lead the underwear industry a new round of fashion trend.


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