Show fashion "child" to win the future - three water "fashion urchin" light CHIC

On March 26, the twentieth China International Fashion Fair (CHIC) was grandly opened in Beijing. At this exhibition, the three-point show became a bright spot with a high degree of generality and attractiveness. It was well received by many industries People and the news media attention and praise. Oriental elements of fusion urban fashion The show, three water to "fashion urchin" as the theme, to express three water to "meet the diverse needs of children, enrich children's childhood life," a principle of service. In the pavilion's image design, taking Chinese unique "calligraphy and painting axis" as the main form of expression, combined with the "water" and "cartoon" elements of the three-point water while incorporating the visual elements of urban fashion, Wind "creative pattern. Three o'clock water in the visual display is used in the 2012 new clothing, its natural, fashion, texture, classic design concept, simple and elegant, classic fashion style, into its unique oriental elements, the use of individual taste Style and fine fabrics to be interpreted, the successful creation of urban children vibrant natural, elegant and stylish image. A visitor who has long been concerned with the three-point water children's wear, after visiting the exhibition halls, said that this year's three-point water pavilion and fashion design combined the unique Chinese cultural elements with the modern urban fashion beauty to give one A refreshing feeling. Steady progress before the win-win development Into the exhibition children's clothing area, far you can see the three water children's clothing hall on the "gurgling Qingyuan, trickling streams, æ·™ æ·™ Meeting River" and "three water" is very much with the poem is At the same time, it not only shows that the three-point water children's clothing absorbs the Chinese characters "three o'clock water" as its cultural connotation, but also symbolizes the "steady progress" of the three o'clock water. Founded in 2008, Zhejiang Three Water Children's Garment Co., Ltd. has developed into a professional children's clothing and children's products enterprise with its R & D, sales management and brand building as the mainstream, which lasted for more than three years and rapidly grew into Wenzhou, the most influential children's clothing brand and the top ten children's clothing brand in Wenzhou, among the list of regional children's wear brand in Zhejiang Province, and won the title of 35 enterprises in the children's wear industry, ranking No. 29. In 2011, the three-point water children's wear always adhere to the market-oriented, brand strategy as the core, terminal services for the purpose of continuous innovation and development and to create "1 + 1> 2" national heritage of the dynamic brand, continuously strengthened Branding and product development. And in the sales, branding, channel development and other aspects, three water has also made considerable progress: sales hit a new high, in the country to promote the second generation of new image stores, but also through the network, television and other media and through Offline interactive activities, building a consumer and brand communication channels. Through this exhibition, three water not only to establish a more solid national children's clothing brand image, but also hope that more customers to further understand and understand three o'clock, and work together to look forward to the future of the industry. Together to promote the development of children's wear industry.

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