Han Lier health underwear beautiful and healthy both correct

Han Lyle has always insisted that underwear first health, followed by fashion. The design process of Cheryl can fashion and health can be together, every one of the Hanriel underwear are "fashion, health," the perfect presentation.


Over the years, we have always uphold the "responsibility and health counterparts, the coexistence of beauty and fashion," the purpose of "to create a new generation of women's health underwear," the mission of continuous innovation and constantly beyond, for the domestic and international underwear market has provided a large number Set "comfortable and healthy fashion elegant" in one of the underwear products.

韩丽尔健康内衣  美丽健康两不误

With years of in-depth study of the underwear industry and a deep understanding of the Oriental style based on the characteristics of women, Qingqing create the most suitable for the bust of the eastern women's steel ring built-in anti-comfortable health underwear, the "green, health care functions, fashion decoration "And other eternal theme deeply into the bra underwear culture, not only to meet the female consumer groups to wear underwear needs, but also guide the development of consumer underwear structure.
After 5 years of exploration and development of one-stop pursuit, with a large number of laser scanning technology, through the surface analysis of the female breast room, Han Lyle finally designed the most conducive to female breast health cup and style, and uses a unique Of the mechanical mold manufacturing technology to create a new bra built-in steel ring. This bra can effectively improve the breast space, balance the breast surface force, promote breast blood circulation, so as to achieve comfort and thus to prevent breast cancer effect

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