How to choose a suitable wig?

As the saying goes, only choose the right one, don't buy expensive, the key to buying a wig is to choose the right one!

Here are some suggestions for pro!

First: size selection

Wigs are also divided into size codes. General mechanism wigs have 2 sizes, small size 52-54cm, medium size 55-57cm, short hair can choose standard size, long hair recommended big one size.

Second: pick hair!

Chemical fiber hair: easy to knot, hairy, easy to knot after washing, basically a one-time. 100% real hair: long life, washable, blown, cut, dyed and permed. If you wear it for a long time, it is recommended to choose the real hair.

Third: look at the quality of the process

Full-mechanism process: All production processes are machine-processed, with low cost advantages, low fidelity and poor gas permeability. Tens of dollars of chemical fiber wigs usually use this process

Mechanism + mono: partial hand-woven or half-hand woven, high fidelity, good breathability, cost-effective, suitable for spring and autumn. Suitable for mid-range consumption

Full hand weaving process: using simulated scalp, light, realistic, breathable and comfortable. There are hair loss, white hair, long-term wear, the most suitable hand-woven process! Suitable for wearing all year round.

Fourth: the choice of hair wigs and the pro-face shape into a matching relationship.

Because everyone's face is different! In view of the fact that the real hair can be reshaped and can be trimmed, we strongly recommend that you buy a real hair, even if the hair style is not suitable, you can let the hairdresser help you with your hair style!

Fifth: nursing and after-sales

Real hair wigs are easy to absorb moisture under natural conditions. The humidity of the air and the extrusion of the package will cause the hair to bend. After the straight hair is deformed, spray some water and cool the air, or use a straightener to straighten it. Hair gel can be. After the hair is washed, it will naturally dry and dry, and then spray some moisturizing hair style to keep it longer. Or let the hairdresser take care of you.

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