Ding Dong cats: design environmental health and children's wear is a top priority

According to the current population projections, the highest birth rate in the next stage of China will appear in 2016 about the peak population of 2028, during which time we will also embrace the fifth "Baby Boomer". In other words, China's children's industry has a bull market of at least 20 years. With the improvement of spending power and consumption awareness and the progress of urbanization, the market capacity of children's shoes will be continuously increased according to relevant statistics. Nowadays, people Living standards are getting higher and higher, especially now that 80 parents are investing more and more in their children's lives. Although the children's clothing industry has such attractive development prospects, but now, the children's clothing industry as a sunrise market in the apparel industry also faces many problems, such as quality, but the use of non-environmentally friendly fabric is not healthy, Design standards and so on. Today, parents pay more and more attention to their children's wear, children's wear in the purchase of more and more attention to the brand, not only concerned about the changing styles, pay more attention to product quality and green health. Therefore, the design of environmentally friendly children's wear has become a top priority brand management. China Top Ten brand-name children's clothing - Ding Dong cat (), has 13 years of experience in children's clothing brand and 20 years of experience in the production of children's clothing, since the advent of the brand attaches great importance to product quality. Jingle cats children's clothing: 2012 summer new show For more than a decade, we have launched a series of leading "quality engineering" in the industry: not only the first to propose fabrics that contain no formaldehyde, heavy metals, but also non-polluting and toxins-free dyes . We not only concerned about the quality, the more the pursuit of perfection, committed to every detail, carefully before the fabric put into production shrink-proof shrink processing to ensure that each one of the products have reached international standards of inspection, so you buy peace of mind, children wear comfortable. This is why the cat Ding Ding cat can become China's top ten brand children's clothing in just a few years important reason. Doraemon Children's Clothing: 2012 summer new showcase the future, the jingle cat will continue to the good quality, adhering to the "always concerned about the healthy growth of children," the brand concept for children to design healthy and environmentally friendly comfortable children's clothing, so that parents can buy Rest assured, the children wear comfortable!

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