Yang power cross-border fashion consultant - ice clean down jacket launch new product "power plan

Popular Yang Mi play "magnificent cross-border", June 9, Bingjie fashion down jacket new conference, Yang Mi took the offer, upgrade from Bingjie brand ambassador for the "fashion trend consultant." In order to prove his due diligence, Yang Mi at the press conference pleased to show the three 2012 "power section" down jacket. Simple and dynamic modeling, bright and natural colors, showing Yang Mi on the fashion trend of observation and experience by the participating industry's enthusiastic praise. Mr. Wang Daocheng, general manager of Shanghai Bingjie Garments Co., Ltd., said that employing Yang Mi as a fashion adviser is intended to be more close to the preferences of young consumers and pay more attention to Yang Mi's grasp of fashion trends and Yang Mi's appeal to young people. Bingjie adhere to the "new fashion, I advocate" than to be half a step ahead of the trend, the jacket made of "tide." Yang Mi signed last year to become a spokesman for Bing Jie, there has been an outstanding performance of the first try. Last year, she participated in the design of Bingjie "power models" fashion down jacket, sought after by trendy fans, sold out several times. In this conference, in addition to the mystery of the "power of money" announced, but also with a unique, creative new release "song and dance show", showing the ice clean 2012-2013 three series of new fashion style. Hyun moving cool songs, hip-hop, RAP, B-BOX, cleverly combined with the new fashion, the audience immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of youth. Fashionable urban atmosphere, modern dancers from DreamWorks, dressed in lightweight slim ice-cream down jacket, in the graceful pace, showing the "Mature" fashion style. In a song dedicated to Bing Jie RAP rap, hip-hop dancer down jacket "jumped campus" series showed a vibrant, bright and bold colors, with drawstring, stripes, overlapping caps and other dynamic elements Embellishment, so Bingjie become down jacket in the "tide." Wear ice clean "England Village" series down jacket of the actors and actresses, in the song and dance interpretation of the natural fresh temperament. Beautiful floral, return to the natural earth colors, use cotton, linen, chiffon and other natural fabrics, through the rustic rural pastoral, the pursuit of romantic fashion girls are romantic, personalized lifestyle show most vividly. With the trend of "Fashion Cyclone", the company quickly redeemed the "Fashion New Proposition" in a novel fashion with the rapid popularity among the down apparel industry, opening up the process of speeding up and fashion upgrading in 2012. Bingjie known as "young, fashion," has a unique advantage, it tightly locked 18-35-year-old fast-paced, love-free, cool-looking young people, the fashion, the trend of bold integration of elements used in the jacket design, and create The fashion down jacket precedent, for many years in the youth fashion positioning down jacket brand ranked first. After last year's brand upgrade, Bing Jie prepared a full-speed advanced resources: new series of products, new design style, new spokesperson, new terminal image, new brand slogan, and the successful opening of the Four Seasons Road . In 2012, Bingjie made full efforts from the aspects of product, image and communication tactics, and the series of "big moves" combined attacked. At this press conference, Bing Jie "Power Plan" was launched. The plan will use Yang Mi as a "Tipping Point", ranging from grid to traditional media. From branding to terminal activities, such as Bing Jie's future fashion Xinghai election, Bingjie fashion fan club nationwide tour, Bingjie store "power excerpts" and so on, to speed up the brand image of the power and terminal sales force.

Generally, suede is a very expensive leather, which is generally used less in handbag design and is usually used in clothing. Mink is a small and precious fur animal of the genus Mammalia, Carnivora, and genus in animal taxonomy. In the wild, there are two types of American otters and European otters. All the countries in the world are reared by American and European otters. 99% of the suede garments we see are artificially reared. The advantage of artificial breeding is that there is very little disability in the suede. Thin average thickness, uniform fur distribution, small color difference, etc. In addition, there are considerable differences between the male and female furs. The male fur is large and rich, and the made coat has a sense of weight. The female is softer and lighter when worn. The mother's skin is narrow and small, the hair is short, the hair is fine and light, the hair is long and shiny, and the finished product is more expensive. Generally speaking, it is good for the mother, but it is also chosen according to the preferences of the purchaser and the style of the match.
Pig skin
Because the pig hair passes through the cortex and reaches the inner layer, the pig skin is more breathable and hygroscopic than cowhide. However, the pores are coarse, and the shape of the product is [good". The skin texture is rough, which is not as good as the cowhide. It needs to be processed before the defects can be changed.
1) The skin of the yellow cowhide is thin, and the hair is not dense, and the roots are not deep. The skin direction, fat glands, and sweat glands are not developed, and are often used as the surface of shoes and purses. Features: There are pig skin thickness and elastic feet.
2) The buffalo skin is sparse, the surface is rough, and there are obvious nipple-like bulges and wrinkles. The texture of the skin is thinner and the area is large and heavy. It is often used to make shoes and mechanical belts, which can be made into bags after being softened.
1) The goatskin fiber structure is firmer, softer and more elastic. Similar to yellow cowhide, but thinner, the leather surface is clear, detailed, and strong in leather.
2) Sheepskin is similar to goatskin, but the hair glands and sweat glands of the hair bundle are more numerous. After being made into finished products, they are particularly soft and extensible. They feel like velvet, but they are low in strength and easy to be rotten. They can only be made into leather garments. , gloves, can not do the upper and handbag.
PU leather
PU leather is an artificial leather, English "ploy urethane", chemical Chinese name "polyurethane". He has excellent wear resistance, excellent cold resistance and low price, and has become the most popular material for making leather garments in recent years. Moreover, PU leather has no odor of leather, can be washed, is easy to maintain, meets international environmental requirements and composition standards, and is a new generation of fashion fabrics. And the PU leather is artificial leather, which is more in line with the modern values that care for animals and people live in harmony with nature.
The dermis is divided into six grades from A to F, among which Haining local skin and imported skin are better.

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