Wang Tiankai: The textile industry must find a way out of the “cold” market

In the face of the tightening situation in the textile industry, I believe that we should start with solving the problem at three levels.

The first is the macro level of the government. Recently, the state has successively introduced some measures to stimulate economic recovery, which is favorable to the development of the textile industry.

The second is the meso level, which is the key issue that affects the healthy development of the industry. Many individual companies cannot do anything that requires industry associations to play a role. The gap between domestic and foreign cotton prices has continued to widen, resulting in a rise in the cost of domestic textile companies relative to foreign companies and a decline in international competitiveness. Through in-depth investigation and study, from the perspective of the safety of the textile industry and the smooth development of the entire industrial chain of cotton, the association needs to promptly report the appeals to relevant parties.

The third is the micro level, that is, the corporate level. Under the current situation, enterprises have no other way out, and they must adjust their structure, especially their product mix. Many textile companies are already doing this. For example, in the face of the problem that cotton prices are relatively high compared to foreign countries, many companies have adopted ways to increase the proportion of chemical fiber used in products and reduce the use of cotton, thus reducing production costs.

Only if these three aspects are all done well can the textile industry get out of its predicament. For many industries, the economic downturn is the best time to adjust the structure. Because when the economy is good, everyone will embrace them and desperately squeeze into the industry. When the economy is not good, you cannot go all the way forward, you must find a way to deal with it, you must find a way out in the cold market. This way out is actually the direction of structural adjustment.

Market regulation is most effective. Many times the government's “tangible hands” are used to adjust. Although great efforts are made, they are not always effective. When the economic situation is not good, it is the market that forces you to adjust. You must adjust, and you will be eliminated if you do not adjust. Therefore, there is no doubt that the economic downturn is the best time to adjust the structure.

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