THE ONE BRIDE 2019aw new release show, weaving "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

On August 23rd, THE ONE BRIDE new concept light luxury wedding dress held 2019aw new product release show in Hangzhou, and the national first wedding show of American outdoor wedding brand Chic Nostalgia. This new product was released with the theme of “A Midsummer Night's Dream”. A sultry summer dream.

Since its inception in 2016, THE ONE BRIDE has adhered to the niche designer buying route, adhering to the new concept of detachment and pursuing freedom, and the brand buyers have visited the four major wedding weeks and foreign high-definition wedding workshops. Selected the most in-season wedding dresses at home and abroad. Introducing the latest and most fashionable styles of the International Fashion Week, leading the fashion trend of domestic wedding dresses is the aim of the brand.

This season's new product launch theme "Midsummer night of Dream", from the fairy light gauze to the design of the main yarn, we see a world of almost dreams. The interlacing of the yarns reflects lightness and transparency, and the exquisite craftsmanship such as pleats, embroideries and sewn beads are like brushes and paints. Each piece is like a work of art, vividly interpreting the story of the designer behind the designer.

The 2019aw release show continues the brand's exploration of “dreams” and opens a new fashion chapter – the national premiere of Chic Nostalgia, the first American wedding brand, an advocate of bohemian style wedding dresses, currently in There are more than 600 shops in the world, which are loved by nature and loved by the brides. In the highly anticipated, THE ONE BRIDE unveiled the mysterious veil of Chic Nostalgia, creating its first close contact with everyone in China.

Gentle breeze, blooming flowers, romantic star river, in the midsummer August, we are indulged in the summer night dream of fashion and art, as long as romance and love are still there, our dream will continue...

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