Ao proud brand women to pursue distinctive fashion charm

In the age of this commodity, the fashion has been reduced to the same cheap "cup of coffee and croissants". Consumers are beginning to get bored with the same clothes as countless people around the world. The search for something out of the ordinary has become the craving for fashion-conscious fashion tastes. Buy the "better, with longer" consumer market mentality and shape, taking into account the concept of environmental protection and economy


Taiwan Meili Ya Enterprise is a research, design, production and sales of women 's fashion company, since its establishment in 1993, adhere to the "fashion and original" design philosophy, has always insisted "honesty, trustworthiness, excellence, positive and innovative ".
Companies adhering to the international ISO9001 quality certification system operation, the full implementation of electronic information management, the formation of fabric development, product design, production and sales integration of the international advanced quality management system.

独傲品牌女装 追寻与众不同的时尚魅力

The Company hired Trend Union to provide fashion information for both popular advisor and global international brands like LV, Prada, Hermes, maxmara.
So proud of each season launched a series of unique fashion and classic style, wear out the fashion look belongs to the season. Do alone arrogant woman, no matter how popular fashion can be easily demonstrated fashion style.

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