Anna. Alice women wear women's Chu Chu moving

AnnaLice is a tailor-made women 's clothing brand for elegant, mature women aged 28-45. Embodies the nostalgic, romantic ladies qualities, dark lines with texture patterns, 悃 edge, hand hook embroidery, outline the feminine charm, Accessories full of classic nostalgia, integration of dignified and elegant wear and casual wear as one , Both piercing the inner beauty of the lovely, but also reflects the charm of a mature woman.

安娜丽斯 - Anna&Lice

AnnaLice's design philosophy will be the perfect combination of the essence of Eastern and Western cultures, with European eighteenth-century palace costume elements combined with modern fashion design style, fine lace, delicate manual processing portrays the inner world of mature women.

安娜.丽斯女装 穿出女性的楚楚动人

AnnaLis series focus on fabric drawn, mainly imported fabrics, pay attention to high-quality handmade and tailored, together with ingenuity of jewelry series, so that customers choose products more handy. Under the guidance of the concept of modern fashion, combining the features of suits and casual wear, both the generous sense of working time and comfortable feeling at leisure are suitable for many occasions. Carefully build ANNALICE (Anna. Alice) brand women's series, reflecting the modern urban women's fashion and quality appeal, and give the brand a deeper cultural connotation.


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