Ipibi Er Wuxiang shape the world's intellectual women elegant, noble image

Walk in the details of the stitch, walking in the fashion of the khaki khaki. Ipibi Er designers use the "European French court luxury and romantic style, combined with oriental women's elegant and refined lifestyle," a comprehensive Japanese and Korean style popular elements, the use of gorgeous and comfortable lace, silk, silk and other fabrics, exquisite handmade details , Beaded embroidery and other technology. The use of soft and smooth lines, interpretation of the romantic female slender shape. Create luxurious, romantic style of dress.


伊珀比迩女装 为世界知性女人塑造优雅、高贵的形象

Ipilbi near with spiritual ideas, interpretation of the concept. Designer team integration of European popular elements and oriental women's subtle, introverted, delicate aesthetic taste of the combination of design concepts. The use of lace silk silk chiffon and other gentle superior fabric, beautiful details with embroidered beads handmade to be reflected, with the informal way of cutting. To concise and smooth style design and series of combinations. Emphasize the perfect unity of form and effect. Communicate a vivid, Wan about superior style and elegant design results. For the world's intellectual women create elegant, noble image.

Flame Retardant Fabric is a special functional fabric, generally used to customize flame retardant work clothes. According to the material, it can be divided into 5 kinds of fabrics such as Cotton Flame Resistant Fabric, cotton polyester fr fabric, cotton nylon fr fabric, arimid fabric, modacrylic fabric. Among them, aramid and modacrylic fabrics are made of natural flame retardant fiber and have permanent flame retardant properties.

Advantage of flame retardant fabric:

High quality cotton
Perfect protective characteristics
High tenacity, durable to use
High fastnesses, soft touch, comfortable
Proban, Pyrovatex and FrecotexTM treament are provided
Extreme low content of formaldehyde by FrecotexTM

fire retardant fabric

Certification of flame retardant fabric:

Xinke Protective flame retardant fabric has inspection reports from various countries such as EN 11611, EN 11612, NFPA 2112 ext., which can meet the protection standards of various countries. In addition, we have our own testing center, all equipment is synchronized with Europe and the United States, ensuring the accuracy of test data and better serving customers.

Packing and shipping:
We use 5mm thickness, 5.5cm inner diameter for professional export of thick paper tubes and customized packaging bags for customers to ensure that customers receive intact finished fabrics.
Xinke Protective flame retardant fabric widely used in construction, shipyard, welding, oil, gas and offshore industries etc.
We trust we are your right choice supplier in China for flame retardant fabric business.

Flame Retardant Fabric

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