Bamboo healthy underwear fashion health care of the whole family

As a newly emerged home textile product, bamboo fiber has taken precautions in the territory of China. After years of devotion, bamboo fiber has been unanimously endorsed by the media and consumers. Its special materials, personalized products, superior to the characteristics of ordinary home textiles so that it won the hearts of consumers.


Bamboo underwear to ensure that all underwear fresh and soft, enhance the body's detoxification, antibacterial antibacterial, pest control moth. From the beginning, the rise of Tianzhu underwear industry is starting from the quality of the product now basically has returned to the upgrading of fabrics. Made of the latest nano and bamboo charcoal fibers. It is the darling of the new market, quickly set off a popular global storm. Tianzhu underwear with its almost perfect product, close to the female body shape health, and guide the body magnetic field natural detoxification, integration of fashion models, the perfect scientific and scientific said.

天竹健康内衣 时尚健康呵护全家

Bamboo fiber is an ecological, environmentally friendly textile raw materials, the product won the national key new products and national technology innovation award. Bamboo fiber with natural antibacterial, UV and breathable moisture, health and beauty functions, known as cotton, linen, silk, wool after the fifth largest natural fiber, a well-known new fiber brand, selling domestic and foreign markets, markets The prospect is very good. It can be pure spinning, but also with cotton, linen, silk, Tencel, Modal, polyester, spandex and other raw materials blended.

3D Embossed Fabric is a roll set with a certain depth pattern. After rolling under hot pressing conditions, the fabric with obvious embossing effect on the surface is called embossed finishing fabric. This treatment is called embossing finishing. The device is called a embossing machine.

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3D Embossed Fabric

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