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When the fabric trading off-season, however, drawing transactions are increasingly active. From July 19 to July 20,2020, the summer painting fair for 2012 China Textile City was held in the curtain cloth market of China Textile City (北 联). 200 designers brought 5,000 original flower drawings to showcase and exchange. There were 1137 pieces of on-site transactions, Turnover amounted to 886,000 yuan. In recent years, the textile industry is affected by the international demand and the comprehensive factors such as raw materials, energy, labor force and capital at home and abroad. The profit of textile enterprises is declining and the operating cost of the textile industry is rising. The difficulties of operation are intensified, and the survival of the fittest is obvious. Especially in the recent two years, the number of newly opened textile and apparel markets in the country has increased by 68, and competition in specialized markets has become increasingly fierce. With the shrinking of secondary textile markets in different parts of the country, China Textile City achieved satisfactory results. Not only did its turnover surpass 40 billion yuan in the first half of the year, but its foreign trade and tax revenue increased by more than 10% over the same period of the previous year. Among them, the fabric drafting design has played a significant role. Textile core competitiveness upgrade, facing two major projects: First, blood transfusion projects, and second, hematopoietic engineering. The so-called blood transfusion project, that is, the introduction of advanced design techniques for the local textile business services; hematopoietic engineering that is to cultivate and enhance their own design capabilities, thereby enhancing product added value and core competitiveness, to achieve sustainable development of enterprises. These two projects, are inseparable from the draft transaction. "Through the artwork transaction, on the one hand, the value of our design work can be embodied and the design becomes an industry." Sheng Suying, the general manager of "Colored Citron" Design Company, said that the company has concluded more than 70 paintings at the drawing conference, At present, there are more and more studios to design patterns in the textile market, as well as more and more people who buy tricks. They also buy copyrights while buying drafts, so that fewer and fewer enterprises copy and plagiarize, and the added value of products has been raised in the market Gradually formed a virtuous circle. The painting fair, you can also see the trend from Italy samples. HAO Li-yan from Zhejiang Institute of Modern Textile Industry told reporters that the samples of Italy's fashion trends are expensive, but there are many customers who are interested in it. The textile enterprises have caught the market trend and developed new markets through comprehensive drawing and sample of Italian fashion trends product. "Many people say this is a traditional industry and a sunset industry. I do not think that 'traditional' is as opposed to 'emerging', 'sunset' is still 'sunrise' the next day, and these are the only things that can be changed, It is our pillar industry, "said Chen Shaosong, director of the county science and technology bureau. As the county's industrial design and creative base of the competent authorities, County Science and Technology Bureau is responsible for leading the county textile industry design creative industries. In Chen Sansong's opinion, the core competitiveness of textiles is mainly reflected in the transformation and upgrading of the design and textile industry. It is not a direct transfer from one area to another area that is irrelevant, but focuses on enhancing the core competitiveness of textiles. Since the beginning of this year, the county science and technology bureau has organized drawing art fair twice into the market quarter by quarter, and will hold similar more creative services into the market in the future. Providing enterprises with short-distance technologies and services is an important way to expand and strengthen their industrial service industry and also to enhance their core competitiveness through subtle influences.

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