Xiu Yi children's clothing 2012 autumn and winter new album pictures show children's women's wear to create national women's leading brand

Xiu Tao children's autumn and winter 2012 fashion trends, elegant fabrics, style atmosphere, fine detail handling, focus on color matching. In 2004, it was awarded the "Outstanding Designer Brand Award" and "Excellent Design Brand Award."

Xiu Tao children's women's autumn and winter 2012 new album pictures Xiu Tao children's women's national women's wear leading brand

Xiu Yu children women's style positioning: personality / fashion / taste / elegance; simple but not simple, noble but not luxurious; no age distinction, stateless boundaries, not limited to the constraints of body shape; attention to costumes and structural design; advocating The coexistence of the beauty of clothing and the culture of inner temperament.
Xiu Tao children's products positioning: personality, fashion, taste, elegance
Plate type: A version 40% H version 30% S version 30%
Color: main color (pop color) 70% jump color (personal color) 30%
Process: Fine work done fine.
Price: Grade Ratio Summer Spring Autumn Winter
Middle and low 10% 298--498 398--598 498--698
Midrange 30% 398--598 498--698 598--798
High-grade 30% 498--698 598--798 698--898
Upscale 20% 598--798 698--898 798--998
Imagery 10% 798--998 898--1280 998--4980

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