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Battlefield apparel brand, Merrill Lynch (Hong Kong) Investment and Development Co., Ltd. is one of its well-known brands. The company is committed to design, production and sales of goods, including clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and outdoor products selected fashion retail chain brand. The company's existing brands "Battlefield" "AVANT-GERDE" and "JACK-COOL" and many other internationally renowned brands, and in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Jiangxi, respectively, owned and joint-stock holding company. Group administered Dongguan City Field Garments Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Catherine Garments Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Takeoff Industrial Co., Ltd. and many other subsidiaries. Merrill Lynch (Hong Kong) Investment and Development Co., Ltd. respectively set up R & D centers in Saint Honoré, Paris, France and Sloane Avenue, London, respectively. The European operations center is set up at D1-1089 in Silken Puerta America Hotel Madrid, Set up an operation center in Asia and set up a China operation center in Wanjiang, Guangdong Province. Products are exported to the EU, North and South America, Asian countries. Battlefield brand has grown rapidly since entering the Chinese market in 2003. It has more than 300 franchise stores in China and is located in Guangdong, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Beijing, Shandong, Sichuan, Yunnan, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Hubei, Guangxi, Shaanxi, Hainan and Jiangsu Hunan, Zhejiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and other places. In the future, more stores and flagship stores will be set up in the key shopping districts in the country to speed up and strongly explore brand joining businesses. The company has a strong retail team to fully support franchisee business development, Provide quality and fast service. We joined the Chamber of Commerce over the future of the provinces and cities, it has become the leading brand of Chinese apparel industry's well-known brands, fashion apparel industry, the military, and the apparel industry in recent years is one of the fastest growing momentum of the most powerful brands, alliance partners, the country Wanted Franchisee to create unlimited wealth. Military elements to promote brand awareness, create a "fashionable military outdoor leisure apparel," the brand culture, Battlefield Clothing Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City to create a "soldier plot" "tough guy" "heroic face" style, so that each customer make money, make the most money Fast brand marketing is an important strategic way. "Grasp the trend of consumer spending so that customers make money" is Merrill Lynch (Hong Kong) Investment and Development Co., Ltd. business philosophy. Merrill Lynch (Hong Kong) Investment and Development Co., Ltd. Mr. Giuseppe Tornatore marketing experts suggested that "our international brand marketing idea successful development of the Chinese market, so China's franchisees know how to brand, how to make money in the process of brand management, the profit more money". The company plans to open 1000 shopping mall chain stores, 3,000 brand life centers and 200 high-end office sky garden outdoor sports field experience clubs in the advantageous regions within 3 years. Nationwide Wanted brand franchisees, agents, the specific joining the rules are as follows: 1: Area: 30-100 square meters Best 2: Free Design Store unified national terminal image 3: Help to help locate the site 4: Opening arrangements Supervisor training store, layout 5: shelf support (decoration 100% shelf support, professional display props allows you to easily have) 6: product support (the first Batch 100% worry-free replacement, zero inventory of the VIP store model) brand positioning: fully display the new era represented by the field brand pursuit of fashion, personality, green philosophy of life; healthy, masculine, vitality, success, taste image Interpretation of the battlefield brand culture. Consumer groups: 18-48 years of age: vitality, fashion, personality, wisdom, self-success show urban men and women wear occasions: business, outdoor, living, leisure and sports occasions Style: trend-oriented design, customer needs and satisfaction Different styles of products; 3 original series to meet the needs of different consumer class Urban leisure: classic style, simple, comfortable and natural fabrics, suitable for any occasion to wear. Outdoor sports: style full of vitality and imaginative, suitable for urban men and women outdoor friends, group outdoor activities. Anti-electromagnetic wave fabric, waterproof, oil pollution prevention, with flax ingredients, PIUMA cotton, anti-mosquito, moisture wicking. Business casual type: simple and elegant, domineering yet elegant. Fabrics exquisite workmanship. Battlefield branding mode: from brand inception has been adhering to the brand franchise route, our brand development and promotion of professional design and intensive business model system of production and franchise management, unified image, unified management, independent accounting, Uniform training, uniform prices, unified distribution, the brand of standardized and orderly, scientific and efficient management, customer service refinement, to ensure that the steady growth of customer profits provide preferential marketing policy support. We believe that only successful customers in the battlefield brand management success will be transmitted out of the battlefield brand success; Battlefield brand growth, the moment can not do without the support and cooperation of the vast majority of partners to pay their full support. We invite the well-known elites in the national apparel sales industry to share our achievements and at the same time, work hand in hand with us to push our common field brand business to maturity and further success. Battlefield brand joined the national hotline: Huang Yuanzhong: Online consultation QQ: Domestic operations center: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province,

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