Satchi International "initiative young" to break the industry tradition

In China, there are few business men who do not know SACHI, which originated in the 1980s when the Sachs came to China as being sought after by LV. The face of high-end men's clothing is accused of "public face", Satchi International "initiative young", the first to break out, the move, once challenged by peers: the classic is not easy fashion. Satchi International, a young and trendy fashion merchant, has been consistently sought after by dealers. Compared with the same period, order volume has risen by 50%. The voice from the market has thoroughly swamped the previous questioning voices and caused a great stir in the industry. As SACC International China General Manager, Shanghai Garment Co., Ltd. Chairman Lu Huangbin said that the age group we serve has undergone changes to break the original business suite must be mature traditional ideas, SACHI international positioning in the city of new business men - " Business rejected old fashioned, classic need young. " Lu Huang Bin said that for the high-end men's brand, you want to seek a breakthrough, bear the brunt of learning to improve product development capabilities. Followed by a clear brand style, get rid of the homogenization of the shadow. Once again, terminal stores clear operation, increase the development of the parent shop, increase the operating capacity of single-store business brand services. Fourth, enterprises should make innovations in the model to improve the operational capacity of the management system. To this end, Sachi international design team in the product development, design, the strict development of the seasonal color system, and consciously expand the next quarter's products, from the style into more self-developed original design section, the whole Disk products have a relatively clear theme line. In order to make Sachi international brand more international, young state, Satchi international efforts to create a new design team, in addition to heavy Lu Jinbin hired Italian designer Renato, this year also specially invited Yuan Li as the chief designer. Yuan Li studied art in China Academy of Art since he was young. Once worked as a designer of BALMAIN, a world-renowned luxury brand, and worked in France for many years. Now with Renato, with Sally Chi's international design team led by Yuan Li The forefront of fashion, frequent quality. Lu Huang Bin said that in addition to inviting French designers to become team leaders, from the source to ensure original design. They also combine the needs of consumers in the market, adjusted from the color, every season, every year to do the theme of the product extension. "As the market becomes more competitive and consumers become more rational, it requires brand companies to become more professional." "Ultimately, our audiences have not changed but the audiences have changed their age." According to Lu Huangbin introduction, in the past, their main target age group is 35 to 45-year-old consumers, and now take the initiative to adjust for the 28 to 40 years old.

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