Hetian Yugui takes a decision

Then, why is there a world of difference in the market price of Hetian jade, and what determines their identity, status and worth?

The answer is simple: quality and craftsmanship.

Hetian jade has white jade, green white jade, sapphire, topaz, jasper, and ink jade. The best in white jade is the famous sheep fat jade. In general, the lighter and lighter the color of Hetian jade is more valuable than the white jade, which is more valuable than the blue jade. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, the color of topaz is definitely deeper than that of white jade, but the value of chicken yellow and chestnut yellow in topaz is much higher than that of white jade, even comparable to sheep fat.

In addition to the color, Hetian jade is divided into the seed material extracted from the river, the mountain water flowing upstream of the river, the Gobi material in the desert, and the mountain jade material mined from the mountain, depending on the production environment (production). (also known as Bao Gaiyu). Judging from the value point of view, the seed material is obviously higher than the mountain material, and the mountain water and the Gobi material are roughly the same quality, and the “seat” is listed between the mountain material and the seed material.

Of course, regardless of color or appearance, it must be based on a warm and delicate texture. Otherwise, not only will the "ranking" be reduced, but even the value of inferior white jade seed material may be worse than that of the slightly better Sapphire Mountain. And the good quality of raw materials to meet the good work will undoubtedly bring its value to a higher level.

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