Bay Women donate 4 elderly friends and relatives to cancer patients

Taiwanese women donate 4 elderly friends and relatives to cancer patients (Figure)

Lin Bao Miao. Figure from Taiwan "Central News Agency"

BEIJING, Feb. 5, according to Taiwan's "Central News Agency" report, Ms. Lin Baomiao, a woman at the Environmental Protection Bureau of New North City, Taiwan, plans to donate nearly half a metre of hair for public welfare after the Lunar New Year.

Lin Baomiao accepted the interview today and said that the happiness of donation is more exciting than the new style. However, she said that this time, I don’t want to cut too short. When I donated it three years ago, the short hair on my ear was too big because of the difference between the front and back. My relatives and friends were not used to it, and they were shocked.

Initially found on the network to donate money to help people, Lin Baomiao was quite excited at the time, so began to store black and beautiful hair, stay for 4 years.

After she donated it to the Taiwan Cancer Hope Association three years ago, many of her lost relatives or colleagues were moved and responded to donations. The daughter of the EPA’s colleague Wang’s wife also donated hair to be a good girl.

Lin Baomiao said that the action of donating hair again is about to be completed. She only worried that her son would not be accustomed to her new look after her hair was cut.

The Cancer Hope Foundation volunteers to give free headscarves and rent wigs for cancer patients due to physical changes caused by illness or treatment, in order to increase the confidence of patients and improve the quality of life.

The Foundation also accepts hair donations and wigs to provide patients who have died of chemotherapy. However, the length suitable for making a wig must be calculated from the shoulder, and the hair ends are 30 cm or more.

In addition, don't have hot dyeing for 3 years to donate hair to facilitate wig pairing and avoid chemical damage. Donate the hair, wash the hair on the day, and tie the cut place to make it easy for the master to make the wig.

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