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Elite team to create gold quality, Shantou City Chuan Hai Garments Co., Ltd. has the domestic first-class production of women's underwear strength, has for the United States and Europe and other international brand processing and production of underwear products, and well-known fashion trends in Paris, France Consultants, the British Fashion Association, Combined with the international fashion trends, the perfect combination of Western popular elements and oriental temperament, with classic fashion design, unique layout, elegant style, extreme detail, gave birth to the perfect product features and excellent quality.


" Greiner " brand with its simple, stylish style, interpretation of the unique charm of women, good quality heritage classics, creating a unique brand positioning the market and Delicate refined, elegant cultural connotation, the brand in the industry to enjoy A good reputation.

格蕾纳新款内衣 神秘黑打造性感女神

In the next few years, the company will, as always, adhere to the strategy of brand development and technology development. By building a new type of enterprise culture centered on "rapidity, harmony and excellence", the Company will strengthen its management from system management to culture management so as to fundamentally build the enterprise Core competitiveness, and strive to become well-known domestic enterprises underwear industry.

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