Mixtie - Mei Shi Ti will fashion women let female charm quietly wake up from the inside out

Pursuit of fashion culture is a phenomenon unique to this era, fashion gives them subconscious emotional support; wonderful life so that they have a variety of dress requirements, different occasions different occasions to pursue different shape combinations. Beautiful poetry Ti aesthetic simplicity of style, delicate and delicate hand-made, free, rich, full of imagination with a combination of ... full of life tension of the design and layout, so that innate charm of women quietly wake up from within.

美诗缇 - MIXTIE

Unassuming dull tone with the color blend with the affinity, high-end raccoon fur, humanely removable fur collar to cater to climate change, fluffy with strong warmth, splicing knitted lining, the same color stitching color, The appearance of beautiful, luxurious experience; double zipper to create the illusion of fake two-piece, to give the level of beauty, warmth at the same time will refinement aesthetics and modern fusion and leisure without losing the elegant knit elastic fabric set in the cuffs, With soft comfort to resist the invasion of cold, show fashion calm and confident.

Mixtie-美诗缇都会时尚女装  让女性魅力由内而外悄然苏醒

Fluffy collar, subversion of the usual design techniques, stylish contrast tempting clavicle, fight the skin design, a clear division of lines, the precise creation of the overall personal pieces, simple and elegant design of the sleeves to enhance the overall The handsome and capable visual, decorative metal zipper sides, filled with visual monotonous, bright metallic style. Lower body with leggings or shorts, elegant and modern, but also with belts, bags, etc., to enhance the sense of fashion.

Lady Blazer

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