Bhutan women to create Spring Festival Party dress ladies elegant step in place

Boutu women's 2012 autumn and winter new series military and ladylike style as the main theme, into the 1950s, the East and the East and the different romantic feelings throughout the season, to create a classic British style of fashion, as if exposure to the dream of private commuter wardrobe, easy to control Variety The trend of the perfect Variety Commuter Queen presents the sweet, stylish temperament. Whether it is color, detail design, high quality fabrics and superb craftsmanship, are leading a new fashion trend autumn and winter fashion trend. Seeing the Spring Festival is coming , All kinds of appointments come one after another, are you ready for Party?

百图 - BETU

Pretty ladylike lady taste lace dress is very suitable for elegant temperament of the MM,

百图女装打造春节Party装 名媛优雅一步到位

This piece of red and black stitching dress is a lot of lively, with a black gauze skirt also highlights femininity, no doubt become the focus of the party Oh.

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