Dragon Boat Festival Kang Lu Ni buy one get one in six dragon boat water to make you "brown" different

June 12 is the day with the family to look at the dragon boat race, but most people can not enjoy this happy Dragon Boat Festival, busy work, pressure of life, rapid pace of the city bound We pursue the heart of happiness. Free yourself "Dragon Boat" will be different, Kang Lanyi underwear () at the holiday season, we create a home for you feeling.

Time: June 10, 2013 to June 16, 2013, let you discover my inner beauty! Find me different from "brown"!

Promotion: all the regular price Buy one get one, some stores 3.5 fold, please visit!


During the event, visit Kangluni underwear () stores not only can enjoy the value-for-money deals, but also have the opportunity to get a series of rose exquisite gifts. Kang Lanyi underwear () sincerely invite you to come home to make beautiful "brown"!

端午节康璐妮买一送一 六月龙舟水让您与“棕”不同

Over the years Kang Lini Ni underwear has always been "health beauty is the real beauty," the concept of commitment to environmental health body products research and development and promotion, products include health fashion underwear, body shaping underwear, warm thermal underwear, casual home service, sexy swimwear , Exquisite accessories such as the six series. The price of 18-350 yuan in the consumer interval, "high-quality, low price" concept, full range of 18-45-year-old consumers to meet different seasons, the needs of different occasions.

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