Cool summer silver jewelry trendy hit Jiangcheng

May Jiangcheng Wuhan, already into the hot summer, this time quietly set off a cool silver tide. 18, the two bear silversmith monopoly over the same period opened in Wuhan City, one located in Wuchang Yuejia mouth martial arts vendors, one is located in Hanyang District Parrot Chau hundred warehousing. During the opening, in the fresh and fashionable bear silversmith silverware shop, customers such as clouds, pretty men and beauties have snapped up their favorite silverware. Many customers reflect that summer is coming. Everyone wearing a cool, you need some jewelry to decorate; especially in one of the four furnaces of the River City, silver cool colors and texture is to seek the joy of locals, people can visually and tactile to enjoy a double cool feeling. Bear silversmith silver monopoly settled in Wuchang District Yuejia mouth martial arts vendors bear silversmith Wuhan Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Parrot Chau hundred warehouse store grand opening

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