Three-dimensional clothing and garment help online fitting

Three-dimensional clothing and garments help online fitting Nowadays, more and more people love to buy clothes online, but they often find new clothes that are extremely selective, but they do not fit. Yuan Minghui, the director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and his team developed the “Three-Dimensional Apparel Product Garment System” to allow the flat cropping to be completed in a stereoscopic view, and to demonstrate the effect of garments through animation. In the future, it may help consumers to try fitting clothes online. .

The program scans 200 women and 300 men with a laser, selects 300,000 coordinates from the human body into the database, extracts 184 key points from 300,000 coordinates, builds a human model, and finally establishes height, head length, chest circumference, and waist circumference. 34 key data such as tilt angle. By adjusting the data, various models can be flexibly built.

Yuan Minghui said that the biggest difference between three-dimensional and flat cropping is that the process of tailoring is done on models or models. In the three-dimensional space, the designer can create garments while changing the shape of the garment, and can also reduce the number of clippings in the plane. Or some errors caused by drawing, the obtained garment pattern has a higher modeling accuracy. The "three-dimensional garment system" makes the designer cut the clothes on the model. At the same time, the system automatically converts the fashion into pieces for one-time molding.

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