Living area: Caring men make high quality healthy undergarments around you

Life is full of the taste of love, a spiritual relaxation trip, a beautiful town of sweet encounter, a warm and beautiful memories, blooming flowers in the garden, the city outside the pure blue sky ... ... These can be The focus of life, found in the United States in life, found that fashion.


LIVEZONE ( Lifestyle ) Life style, life drip in the mainland market, has developed a series of environmental protection, health, care for men's theme of functional underwear, is committed to within three to five years, the LIVEZONE (living zone) to create Become the first brand of functional underwear in China.

生活地带:关爱男性  做您身边的高品质健康内衣

branded advantages
1, accurate market positioning, product homogenization of the times to seek differentiation. At present, most of the domestic underwear brands are swords too Pifeng, a high-quality price of the aristocratic brand, there are avant-garde trend of the other type of brand, while specializing in the mass underwear brand can be said to be rare. Our concept of action - to do your side of the high quality health fashion underwear brand.
2, strong production R & D advantages from a number of top designers in Australia and China Qingqing build, the use of international underwear zero-drift popular ideas and a variety of environmental features imported fabric.
3, channel advantages, effective integration of domestic underwear market channel resources, a variety of complex terminal marketing model and value-added programs to ensure that our market channels unimpeded.
4, the company supports, from joining, stocking, opening, the maintenance of all aspects of the market, the company provides a set of support policies and provide a full range of after-sales service.

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