What are the characteristics of the jade articles from the Tang Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty?

The more common groups of jade articles in the Tang Dynasty were flowers, sunflowers, lion beasts and flying figures. Especially for the carving of lions and beasts, the knife method was stable and not chaotic, and the layout was even and reasonable. This became the biggest feature of the Tang Dynasty.

The jade articles of the Song and Yuan Dynasties were mostly small pieces, and the large pieces were relatively small. The carvings of flowers and birds were not as simple as those of the Tang Dynasty. They may be influenced by the style of Chinese painting at that time, so they pay more attention to the look of jade.

The Ming Dynasty jade knife method was rough and powerful, and the most famous "three-layer openwork method" was very popular at that time. The hollow carving was very meticulous, and it also had the style of the times. Along with this, many famous jade sculptors, such as Lu Zigang, Liu Wei, He Si, Li Wenzhao, etc., have been established. Among them, Lu Zigang is the most famous. The jade articles he made are called “Zi Gangyu”.

The jade articles of the Qing Dynasty were mostly finely crafted, and at this time there were also various techniques of "smart", hollowing out and semi-reliefs. The jade carvings had a three-dimensional effect. During the Qianlong period, the jade jade reached its peak, and its level of fine work was far more than that of the Yuan Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty.

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