Maintenance method of jade jade [experience talk]

The characteristics of jade jade are different from those of domestic jade, and the methods of maintenance are also different. Based on years of experience and research results, the following is the maintenance method of jade jade:

First, in principle, there is no need for reprocessing, especially for ornaments and devices, which cannot be reprocessed. If re-processing is carried out, the traces of the ancient processing technology are eliminated, and it becomes a modern jade jade instead of an ancient jade jade. Because the ancient processing technology is a traditional ancient tool ancient material, and the modern processing technology is a diamond tool material.

Second, for the category of pieces and small pieces, in principle, no further processing is required. If you like to wear it, use a soft flannel or sheepskin to gently wipe off the dust and dirt on the surface. It is often worn, and the human body biological field and the jade jade weak electromagnetic resonance resonance, not only achieve the effect of jade and jade.

Third, the focus is on jade: 1. The jadeite jade is a silicate. Avoid contact with acids, alkalis, oils, cosmetics, etc. as much as possible. Otherwise, it will corrode its surface structure or contaminate its surface. Traces of processing techniques or damage to the surface of ancient jade. 2, "Panyu", and the jade of domestic jade is different, because the texture of jade jade is fine and crystal clear, the transparency is relatively high, so the soft rubbing of the sheepskin is often used to moisturize and brighten without damaging the surface and The role of traces of ancient processing techniques. 3. Maintain normal humidity and temperature, avoid excessive glare and excessive drying, cause loss of water adsorption on the surface of ancient jade jade, and avoid the loss of crystal water between jade molecules and reduce weathering. If there is light or the weather is dry, use a cup of water to maintain normal humidity.

Fourth, the hardness and specific gravity of jade jade is the highest hardness and the highest proportion of all jade, the high-grade jade, the general material can not scratch it, to prevent the collision and hit the ground is also worth noting.

5. In principle, the ancient jade jade can not be cleaned with detergents, especially alkaline detergents. If it is dirty or dirty, use a soft brush to clean it, or use a soft flannel or sheepskin to clean it.

6. For the damaged ancient jade jade, if it is a piece of ornaments or devices, only the bonding repair; if it is a pendant type, it can be repaired by processing the fracture; if it is a broken bracelet, it can be processed into a small carving piece. However, it should be noted that it is necessary to retain the surface of the original ancient jade jade without processing, and to process the fracture and process into a simple shape, otherwise it will become a new modern jade jade, and lose the value of the original jade jade.

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