Emerald Ring Selection Guide

Emerald Ring Selection Guide

The Emerald Ring has been a common type of jade jewelry since the Qing Dynasty. Emerald rings are divided into three categories: one is a horse-shaped type, the other is a ring, and the other is a mosaic ring. The stirrup ring and the ring are all made of jade. The horse's face is emerald green, the part of the ring is white, but it is also green. It looks perfect. This type of horse is also inlaid, the horse face is jade, the ring is gold, but not many, the occasional appearance in the Qing Dynasty.

The selection of the jade ring is based on your own preferences and economic conditions. The quality of the material is most important in the evaluation of the value of the jade ring. An emerald ring can be sold for several million yuan at an international auction. It is because the quality of the jade is particularly good. As for the style of the jade ring, it varies from person to person and varies with the trend of the times.

Selection of natural jade ring: When purchasing natural jade ring, it is mainly to look at the quality of jade material, which is the same as the general jade.

For inlaid jade rings, the main method of selection is to pay attention to the inlaid ring face. The price of the jade ring is very variable, up to several million yuan, which is usually based on its color, seed, water, size, clarity and workmanship. Emerald ring has higher requirements for seed and water, and is generally “old” or “new and old”, and the texture should be even. Of course, there should be no clefts, scums, black spots, etc. on the jade ring. The work requirement is “the length, width and height ratio are moderate, the curved surface is smooth and full, and the face is straight and neat. Under the conditions of color, water, clarity and workmanship, the larger the face size, the higher the value.

Here, I would like to summarize some of the opinions on choosing the jade ring face and the places that need special attention when selecting, so as not to be fooled. 1), the color of the jade ring face: the size of the jade ring face is very small, the color is the value of the jade, so the color of the jade ring face is particularly important. The color of the jade is positive, bright and bright. Slightly colored, it is also better than the cold color. For example: pepper green, yellow green, parrot green, etc., are all partial colors. Spinach green, oil green, river green, black green, etc., are cold dark green. 2) The “water head” of the jade ring: When the head of the jade is generally observed, it is usually illuminated by a small flashlight. If the bottom is almost visible, it is the top grade of the water head.

3) There are no cracks or flaws in the jade ring. Observe the presence or absence of cracks and flaws on the jade ring, usually with a small flashlight, from the central part to the edge, and carefully observe. Unenclosed ring faces are easier to observe with transmitted light. The emerald ring that has been set up should be carefully observed with reflected light. There are flaws in the ring face (including the presence or absence of black spots, white batt, variegated colors, etc.), especially if there are cracks, which will directly affect its value. Be careful when purchasing, and do not neglect it.

4) Pay attention to the selection of styles. The shape of the jade ring face is mostly egg-shaped, but also has a saddle shape, a pear shape, a horse eye shape, a teardrop shape, and a random shape. Older people usually choose the egg noodles. The egg-shaped emerald green jade ring has a mature and stable feeling. It is suitable for men and women who are successful in business and mature, especially elegant and generous. The saddle-shaped ring face (saddle ring) is the first choice for the male ring. It is similar to the horse's saddle. The saddle-shaped ring face is usually thin and will not be as round as an egg-like surface. It is matched with gold or 18K. The ring inlaid in white gold is the favorite of successful men. Pear-shaped, horse-eye-shaped ring faces are usually smaller than egg-shaped rings, and the rings are inlaid with more fancy styles. They are more suitable for women who are slim and elegant, and have a charm on their fingers. The drop-shaped, random-shaped ring face is usually small, suitable for young and small women, and its design is also very chic.

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