Cocoa duck children's clothing: gathering momentum set sail beyond the dream

Cocoa duck brand children's clothing spring and summer 2014 new conference on August 18 in Shenzhen Dameisha Seaview Hotel grand curtain. Conference to "set sail" as the theme, indicating another cocoa duck children's clothing leap. Nearly a thousand guests were present at dealer partners across the country to share the 2014 Spring / Summer fashion feast carefully prepared for cocoa duck children's wear. Coca-Cola dream for the dream of children's clothing leader - Cheng Dong 2013 cocoa duck children's clothing "Thousands of thousands of stores" fruitful, with an average of 30 a month the pace of opening up an orderly manner. More and more people know cocoa duck, that "thousands of cities million stores." More and more children know this fashionable children's clothing brand and feel the infinite pleasure brought by coco duck. In the new conference, cocoa duck general manager of marketing for children, Mr. Xiang Xiangrong, through the depth analysis of the apparel market, far-sighted, with many years of experience in brand operation, the future opportunities for children's clothing a comprehensive analysis. He pointed out that the brand of cocoa duck children's clothing will stick to the orientation of "cheap children's fashion", focus on the domestic 34 markets, launch the "one thousand cities and 10,000 stores" program in an all-round way, and promise to provide all the partners with professional services Brand children's clothing The last piece of cake in the garment industry won a place, to create their own wealth and career dreams. In the spring and summer 2014 new product launches, the fashion and trendy costumes impressed all the guests present. The jumping colors led the audience into a colorful spring and summer and into a fashion-filled fashion kingdom. Small models like elves come out of the magic of the magic paradise, with playful and happy atmosphere infected with the guests. Live media friends do not live to lament: Cocoa duck to see the new spring and summer 2014 conference dress, you feel a kind of happiness, a kind of children are innocent, pure happiness. This is what cocoa ducks want to pass on to their children! Cocoa duck children's clothing, set sail, beyond the dream, with delicate love interpretation of fashion, children's magic interpretation of childhood ...

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