Autumn Iraqi people with the new dress with floral dress style

Qiu Shui Iraqi people are specifically for the creation of the temperament of women's clothing, 2014 most popular elements, floral dress style, floral dress, floral skirt, floral non-summer talk has spread, there is no floral in this summer, Where did it look like summer? Autumn water Iraqi women Floral Floral skirt style with.

Floral dress A unique style of dress, floral embellishment for the summer is no longer boring, comfortable fabrics, elegant version, are exudes a feminine, this Floral Dress stitching the overall change Got more flavor, floral embellishment this summer has become super fashion sense.

秋水伊人新款连衣裙搭配 碎花裙款式搭配

Floral short skirt style, short skirt is an indispensable summer style, this floral skirt style with a pure white chiffon shirt, fresh pure white chiffon shirt accompanied by navy blue floral skirt, fresh Coupled with fashion Fan, lower body with a pair of light-colored high-heeled shoes absolutely dazzling.

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