Intimate apparel expert Kou Yi brand show underwear

With the goal of creating 'intimate apparel specialists', we focus on the design, manufacture and sale of high-quality intimate apparel. The company acquired the high-end lingerie Japanese leader ---- Hirose Group's outstanding 2010 underwear brand ---- CREACHAU ( Kou Yi Xiu ), a deep level of all-round cooperation with each other. At the same time, the company also with the world-renowned, more than a hundred years of history Ze Village Group committed to product research and development, and strive to provide consumers with safe and comfortable fashion choices. Brand meaning: The word "CREACHAU" is derived from French meaning "innovation & passion". Brand Concept: CREACHAU, with its innovative concept of getting rid of fetters, injects the sweet, refined, sensual yet romantic fashion elements into the underwear design to provide young urban women with an anti-traditional unique style that fully reflects the wearer's unique The charm of personality!

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