German high-end underwear brand LASCANA debut 2014 Shenzhen show stunning staged

Stunning not only a little bit, from the German high-end underwear brand LASCANA debut 2014 Shenzhen show, high-end Star Design Pavilion, although the black door, but the yellow light hit the logo on the look like a Shin Kong, the charm of the pavilion Inside is the personality of the model show, gauze silk, a sitting platform, the model is placed crowded crowds are absolutely taking pictures, personalized models show, bathing suits, seaside customs.

LASCANA underwear is a typical European design style, with Asian lingerie gorgeous decoration and rich colors, the European style is more inclined to the simple atmosphere, less decorative basic models. In everyday life, European women like every day is the basic style, especially for with close shirt, smooth, sleek, natural appearance is their preference. The special occasions also choose elegant decorative style. The second important difference between LASCANA underwear and Asian underwear is the comfort of wearing. Asian underwear more focus on stereotypes, tight. And LASCANA think the most important when wearing underwear comfort, wearing a comfortable fit underwear more fit the chest shape.

德国高端内衣品牌LASCANA亮相2014深圳展 惊艳上演

The other key to Lascana is the wide variety of products. Lascana respects the needs of every woman and every woman can find her own Lascana product. From elegant lingerie to the perfect basic models, sizes range from 70 to 105, from the F Cup to AA Cup, everything. Underwear is the basic set off all the dresses, so we are also closely follow the coat trend to provide matching panties and body underwear. Therefore, LASCANA recommended female friends, the correct analysis of their bust size. Rims should not touch the body, shoulder straps should not be cut to the shoulders, neckline comfortable, cupping the edge should not be out of the chest marks. When wearing perfect underwear, you should immediately forget about its existence.

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