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In the ancient philosophical book Er Quan Quan Shu, Cheng Yong once wrote: "The gentleman's study is almost one, one is clear, the Ming is active." This sentence is widely respected and read by the world. Mr. Zhong Xiang, the pioneer of the juvenile wear industry pioneer and the leading brand of "Out-of-position OFFSIDE" in China's youth wear industry, has realized the business philosophy of "operating the most precious way" from the famous quotation, and effectively implements the brand development In the process of production, management and other aspects. "A person's energy is limited, I have always believed that in a certain period of time, everyone can do one thing .Zhong Sheng said:" I choose the cause is closely related with the juvenile, because the juvenile is strong , Juveniles are the hope of the country and the nation, so focusing on the juvenile field has the unparalleled significance of other industries. With all of our time and effort to do well, the achievements of the growth of the United States, we are committed to the mission. Accompanied by 380 million young healthy and happy growth, to become their good partner of this "teenager dream", it is keeping up with the current "China Dream" the mainstream of social development. Exclusive site - juvenile wear industry In the brand development so many years, "offside" juvenile equipment has always been focused on the juvenile clothing industry hard. "Offside" juvenile wear is the first sub-juvenile wear out of the market, and the juvenile group as the core market positioning of the brand. In other words, it is "offside" juvenile equipment to create and create a juvenile wear apparel industry. With the development of enterprises, the brand upgrade, "offside" juvenile equipment strategy also will be adjusted. However, its brand strategy of "Beauty in Achievement and Growth" has not changed. In recent years, "offside" youth clothing opened the great pace of the trend of living museum; and get through online and offline, the establishment of the first children's theme category OTO mall, comprehensive solution to big children, teenage friends, dress and life Demand issues, and gradually transition to provide a full range of services for their families. Zhong Sheng said: "offside" juvenile equipment development strategy continues to adjust the product categories continue to expand, but the brand always adhere to the positioning of 380 million young exclusive products and super high quality product experience. Exclusive Competitiveness - Strong R & D Capability Strong product development capability is the core advantage of the "offside" youthwear brand development. This is the industry consensus. In the process of focusing on the development of exclusive products for teenagers, the "offside" youthwear is constantly investing heavily to establish an internal core design and development team. On the other hand, it actively seeks for the integration of various external quality resources to provide strong guarantees for the production of quality products . According to the market response, especially in the exclusive version and exclusive color two aspects, "offside" juvenile equipment has achieved remarkable results. "Offside" juvenile equipment created by the exclusive version, is based on continuous juvenile human body curves in-depth data collection, research and analysis, developed more suitable for adolescent wear dress version. And based on the latest cutting-edge terminal data and online survey feedback, after experiencing precipitation from the year, has accumulated more comfortable and more experienced version of the model, so that boys and girls more stylish! R & D color is in-depth study of mental health and aesthetic taste of adolescent development, and fully reflect the adolescent group's specificity. As a juvenile equipment to create a brand, "offside" juvenile equipment for many years has always been concerned about China and the world trend of color and the forefront of information, the formation of an international product development team! At present, under the leadership of Mr. Zhong Xiang, "offside" children's wear has set up the first domestic youth equipment professional R & D team, but also in Seoul, South Korea and Paris, France, with international fashion design studio. Exclusive culture - has always been concerned about the growth of a young business, the leader's idea largely determines the overall tone of the company. Focus on the growth of young Mr. Zhong Xiang is insisted and proud of the cause. Under his influence, "offside" youth up and down uphold the brand mission of "delivering positive energy and achieving great dreams." In April this year, Guangzhou held a grand feast of the first China Youth Growth Summit Forum in Guangzhou. At the same time, "offside" juvenile equipment is also constantly advancing with the times. "Weibo and WeChat are increasingly influential in the platform. In order to convey more advanced scientific educational experiences and life information to parents and to invite more people to join the ranks of young people who are concerned about growth, we make full use of emerging media every day at WeChat, Weibo, etc. Since the press release, the self-media of "offside" youth equipment has become a powerful and influential platform in the industry. "Mr. Zhong Xiang said. Swept away, together with the "offside" juvenile wear with 380 million adolescent growth Mr. Zhong Xiang's concentration, for the "offside" juvenile equipment has won the insurmountable exclusive value. "Achievements are both achievements, but also responsibility." For the future, Mr. Zhong Xiang also has great expectations, "Under the continuous efforts of our team," offside "teenager will certainly be concerned about the growth of young children on the road At the same time, I also hope that more entrepreneurs will learn and realize that the essence of business management is more than just expertise, and we work together to achieve the growth of beauty. "

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