Seductive password strong into the Central Market Wuhan Plaza store opening soon

Healthy lingerie brand temptation password will be officially settled in Wuhan on the 5th of September benchmarking shopping district of Wuhan Plaza, in central China to add strength to the brand's landmark, which marks the temptation to password Following the successful layout of the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, southern China region, the strong Enter the central China market. The temptation to enter the password in Wuhan Plaza, not only highly matched the brand "identity" is also an important deployment of brand development strategy.


According to statistics, more and more women diseases in recent years have plagued females in the vast majority of the population, bringing about the dual physiological and psychological impact. Temptation password brand advocates healthy fashion, long-term focus on women's health underwear technology research and exploration. Through the United Kingdom energy regimen technology, biotechnology science and technology in South Korea, Japan's environmental fiber breathing model cup, organic natural color cotton and other health technologies perfect combination of underwear product development, underwear with real health functions. To create "your exclusive underwear health" as the basis, to create a personal health firewall for women, and the password to promote the health and culture of the global promotion and dissemination, and create a healthy and stylish innovative life style.

Seductive password to enter the health market in the underwear is another new sales across the region, but also the planned development of the brand. In the future, the brand will further intensify its efforts to rapidly expand its market share in the country through the further development of its markets in Central China and the northern markets, so that healthy products can be integrated into our daily life like air and bring high-level female friends high Enjoy the quality of health.

诱惑密码强势进军华中市场 武汉广场店即将开业

Temptation password Wuhan store opened the new store, more temptation gifts, more promotions, welcome to Wuhan pro or to Wuhan pro shop to feel the health of the world from the authority of the new experience. Shop Address: Jianghan District, Wuhan, Wuhan Plaza, 688, 4th Floor, underwear temptation password counter.

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