Mid-Autumn Festival, send jade as a gift

Mid-Autumn Festival full moon, 嫦娥玉兔, thousands of miles clear. Whenever the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion is approaching, in addition to preparing moon cakes and preparing rich ingredients, people also need to gather friends and relatives from other places, and often have to sympathize with their peers, visit teachers, or contact customers to promote good feelings, and so on. Among them, at least the Mid-Autumn Festival "gift" is used as an embellishment.

Therefore, how to give gifts every Mid-Autumn Festival? How to send the gift? It has also become a headache, especially for gift giving customers, it is extremely important to grasp the size.

In fact, we can start with the word "traditional". Mid-Autumn Festival, this is the traditional festival of Chinese people. The so-called "everything is full of love", Mid-Autumn Festival is a reunion festival, and is an excellent carrier of Chinese clan culture. Moon cakes, symbolizing reunion, then, if you want to add more flowers, send points and beautiful objects are just right. The symbolism and beauty are neither chilling nor extravagant. They can be both happy and remembered. This kind of object is not "Jade".

Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to the jade, will bring the jade to the other side, I wish the other good luck, very warm and hearty.

Many people think that the price of jade is not very expensive? Will the gift exceed the budget? Especially for the company, is the expenditure too high?

The promotion of jadeite is inseparable from the hype of "crazy stone" in recent years. For a variety of reasons, the price of jade market fluctuates greatly. People often hear from the news that "someone spent tens of thousands of dollars today. The jadeite that has been cut out is worth millions!" "Tomorrow, a certain star wears hundreds of millions of jade jewelry to participate in a certain conference," and so on, all these pieces of information tell people how high the price is! Is jade really so expensive?

In fact, for Jade, as long as you choose the right channel, choose the right time, choose the right variety, it is not difficult to buy a jadeite with high cost performance!

Jadeite is also divided into upper and lower parts. It can become the jade of the news, often high-priced, that is, high-grade jade. In recent years, the fastest rise in jade prices is the high-end jade. Because of the large amount of hot money, the high-end jade has the characteristics of hard currency, so it has become a "hardware" like a house.

The soaring price of high-end jade has, to some extent, raised the pricing of the entire market for jade. However, as long as you choose the right seller for the middle and low-end jade, the price is still very affordable, and as a gift, it also has many advantages such as “great, beautiful, collectible, and many people who like it”.

A mid-range jade, if the carving is outstanding, its value can be increased tenfold! It can be seen that a little bit of thought on the screening of jade will be able to gain some.

What kind of channel can buy a mid-range jade with high cost performance? As far as the current layout of the jade market is concerned, ordering from the network is undoubtedly the lowest cost and the fastest way to achieve. Online shopping jade, the only thing to avoid is to prevent the purchase of those "handling jade", which is often said that B goods, C goods or D goods, dealing with jade does not have the potential for appreciation, as a gift is not appropriate, easy to self-defeating.

Online shopping natural A goods jade, to screen sellers. Consumers can consider the seller's reputation, evaluation, product richness, volume, whether there is a genuine certificate, how to return after-sales service, etc. Of course, it is best to know more about jadeite before buying, and prevent spending big money on low-end goods.

Among the Taobao jade merchants, there are many jade shops that are directly sold by the factory. Some are self-proclaimed and some are true. This requires consumers to identify more.

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