Good News: Congratulation Ladies Diary Guangxi Fangchenggang Tianhe Department Store Grand Opening

good news! Warm congratulations Guangzhou fast fashion ladies " Ladies Diary ", Tianhe department store in Fangchenggang, Guangxi, July 9 grand opening! I wish Lin boss opened, the source billow! ! ! Ladies Diary, a leading brand in Guangzhou Top Ten Women, the "Top 10 Most Popular Brands," and a leading brand in fast-fashion ladies in China. Since its inception, it has been adhering to the management philosophy of "keeping a close watch on market trends and rapidly capturing the market" Soul, quality as the cornerstone of culture as a support, as the fundamental development of the brand. Fast fashion rhythm, high-quality clothing is the fundamental success of the lady diary, and excellent decoration design is the success of the diary wings lady. Ladies diary shop decoration is going retro garden style, brown floor and furniture gives a warm warmth, so that consumers in the modern full variety of shops involuntarily be attracted by the lady diary, shop layout of the arrangement of plants The overall more a bit of vitality and natural, more in line with the aesthetic girls, coupled with bright lights and caring services, such ladies diary has become a major shopping malls in a stream of clear, has become a consumer choice of quality . If you are interested in joining the ladies , then you may wish to choose a lady diary bar. To join the lady diary, the success is so simple!

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