Have a special brand of lace do?

Everyone has their own favorite style of dressing, some people like simple, do not need too much complex decoration, while some people like to wear lace, lace or a variety of decorative styles, feel that such clothes It is better to show their taste and the pursuit of quality of life. However, the current franchise in the apparel market is not particularly large in this category, Yvonne Belle women fancy the needs of the consumer groups, the costumes to do very well. From the calendar year's flagship product point of view, the fabric used by Yvonne Belle Women fabric basically lace, chiffon, silk, mulberry silk class, while incorporating some fine craftsmanship, to meet the single wear and matching female friends demand. Combined with the very popular test perspective, printing and other elements, making every quarter of the product can keep up with the trend of fashion. Yvonne Berry combines the European fashion elements with the introverted, subtle and delicate aesthetic taste of Chinese women. Pure and elegant natural colors are adopted to create an informal three-dimensional tailoring style with soft lines and unique details Processing and fine three-dimensional handicraft integration, flowers, beads, gemstones, waist knot and other feminine elements into the design, all products are full of feminine temperament, reflecting the elegance of women and taste.

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